Monday, 11 April 2011

The Duffy Assembly

He's tall like a giraffe's neck and energetic like a cheetah. His name, Mr Mac! The clouds were full of brightness as he entered the hall. The sun was shining like the bright heavens. As he walked in, he looked like Donald Trump and his fancy truck, with his millionare clothes and his 'bling bling' hat. This was the day to be happy! The Duffy song had 'boomed' the hall and Mr Mac walked towards Mrs Dines, took her by the hand and 'WOW', this Duffy show has turned into a disco dance! And then we see him grab Nia, takes her to the floor and does a little 'Dancing with the Stars'with her. This person's probably a professional! Crowds cheer Teachers laugh Juniors sing. By the time the disco dance finished, Mr Mac had introduced a book to us. Authored by himself and illustrated..... Well not too sure. The story was about a human digger called Doug and friends trying to build a concrete wall. After that, they all went home! Mr Mac had explained two reasons why he hadn't completed school. 1, he wasn't fully focussed in class. And 2, he wasn't paying attention to his teacher nor his parents. Next he had explained how he had got on after college. At the age of 36, he had gone back to school.....Junior school. Mr Mac had wanted to start all over again, to start a better life maybe. My tears had burst out when I heard that story! Mr Mac/ Trump was probably my most favourite Duffy rolemodel not only because of his story, but because of his sayings. "Never be scared to show your work to anyone especially to your teachers, friends and to your family. And "if you sit back in life, you'll end up nowhere". I am so lucky to have heard those sayings and I hope he comes here again!

By Leo