Tuesday, 9 August 2011


♥ Masks can be used for protection, decoration, parties, costumes, and to show nationality. You can wear your mask for shows and festivals.

You can make your very own mask by using crafts and tools, the tools that you can use are, paint, brush, Tupperware, white glue, clear glue, news papers, and a piece of any coloured balloon. You blow your balloon until it’s big enough to fit it on your face, place your balloon at the top of the Tupperware, it’s better if the tail is at the bottom and the head is at the top. The faster way rip your newspapers into pieces, paste a glue and stick on your at the balloon and stick it on. After you’ve wrapped the whole balloon, wrap another
6-10 layers to make it thick then wait until it’s dry.
And after it’s dried paste a coloured paper until it’s covered the whole balloon .It will dry in a few moments. Then saw it half .Fold a paper into three then twirl it until at the middle of your mask and do same thing at the other side stick your nose at the middle of your mask and apply some bandages shape all over the sides, make your lips by rolling your paper and bend whatever you want to fit your style. The eyebrows are the easy one, roll a thin ♥ripped paper, and stick it at the top of your mask where the eye brows are placed.

The final are the paint and crafts, paint your main colour on your mask and paint some designed like butterfly, cat, joker, heart, polka dot, and other shape that you can use. The crafts that you may use are feathers, glitter, crystal, jiggly eyes, cut out shapes and stickers. You will need a PVA glue to stick the crafts. Now your mask is ready to wear or display.♥

♥by Angel

Mintie Maths Activities

To be used at the same time you are eating a Mintie sweet

Before you begin: Wait for the timer to start before you put the Mintie in your mouth
You are going to see who can make their Mintie last the longest.
You will need to check the timer when you finish your Mintie. See # 20

1. How many words appear on your wrapper?
2…Count the number of green leaves.
3. Count the number of red leaves .
4. Write the number as a fraction.
5. Measure the perimeter of the wrapper.
6. Find the area of the wrapper.
7. Count the number of letters.
8. Measure the length of the picture in millimetres.
9. Give each letter a number corresponding to its place in the alphabet and add the sum of the letters on the wrapper. E.g. m= 13, n=14 etc.
10. Write the letters in alphabetical order.
11. Measure the height of the M, T and S. Then add the measurements together.
12. Describe the illustration on your wrapper.
13. Multiply the number of leaves by the number of people in your class.
14. How big is the wrapper if you connect it to another one?
15. If you fold your wrapper in half, in half again and in half again, what fraction does each fold represent?
16. How many times does the letter “m” appear on your wrapper?
17. If all the wrappers were placed end to end, what length would it reach?
18. Starting at one corner rip your wrapper very gently into a continuous strip. If it breaks, measure the longest strip you can rip in one piece.

19. If there were 30 Minties in each packet, how many could each of the students in your class have?
20. How long did you suck your Mintie for?
Change this to seconds.