Monday, 5 April 2021

Mitey Sessions

 Today our learners have been exploring the story of "Tumeke Tui" during our Mitey sessions. Everyone is excited to have Mrs Barlow and Mrs Keely bring us new perspective in understanding our stories. Here are a few short clips from two of our sessions:

Friday, 26 March 2021

They've Hatched!

 This week has been an exciting one for our learners as Room 6 have started hosting some "Living Eggs". On Wednesday we all arrived at school to the news that...all of the eggs have hatched!

Here's a short video showing the experience:

Friday, 19 March 2021

Saint Patrick's Day 2021 Celebrations - by Jamie.

  This past Wednesday our school celebrated Saint Patrick's Day together. Here's what went down, according to Jamie:

First, we went under the canopy and had our mass/assembly. We didn’t go to the Church because there was still Covid- 19 level restrictions. After the assembly we first lined up in our houses and Mrs Bullot was calling our names to sort us into new teams. She said the team's name, and then their leader, co leader, and the other people in their team. Mrs Bullot said if you hear the bell ring, (the one with a stick at the top of it.) you have to go to the next game.

After that, my team went to the field to play Mister Bell’s game called Golden Child. He told our team that he was borrowing that Ki O Rahi kit, so we had to be careful not to break it. I showed some of the little people how to play the game, they learned quickly. We had a lot of fun in Mister Bell’s game. We heard the bell ringing, so we walked to the next game.

The next game was Miss Kyle’s one, in the top court. We saw that there were hoops on the metal wires around the court. She showed us that the numbers game and if she said a particular number, we could go and get the basketball to the person who could shoot, our person was Nixcent. We dribbled the ball and passed it to the person who could shoot. That was really fun! Then the bell rang again. 

We went to the last three, they were bowling, relays and the three legged race!  Those that I mentioned were my favorite games. After that, the teachers had a surprise for us. It was Popsicles! My favorite treat. The team leaders gave each one of us a popsicle. It was very delicious, I licked it very slowly because I haven’t had popsicles for a long time now.

In the afternoon we were tired but we came back to class but we were really happy that each of us got some popsicles.

Our teacher, Mister Bell said that we could have free time.

Mister Bell showed us some new games like, Knuckle bones, Pick up the sticks and Stop the bus. My favorite game was Pick up the sticks because you have to try to pick the black stick up but without moving the other sticks. Saint Patrick’s day was really fun and exciting. Next Patrick’s day will be the best as well!

Thursday, 25 February 2021

Finding Maths In Everyday Life

Students in Room 7 have been working on understanding how different types of mathematics feature in our lives. They have discovered that a lot of the things they learn in the classroom are things that they will use each and every day. This slidedeck features what they have discovered about themselves in maths.