Saturday, 30 August 2014

The best mum in the world! By Javiah

WALT show appreciation for those around us.
Success criteria: I know this when I write a thank you poem to my mum in my own words

Friday, 29 August 2014

Aww, Thanks! By Aiden

Dear mum and dad,

I would like to thank you for looking after me by giving me a home to live in, a bed 
to sleep on and food to eat. 
Thank you with all my heart, my soul and my life. I love you mum and I love you dad.
I would do anything to repay you. 
Without you two, I wouldn't have been created. You gave me life. Thank you!

animated thank you photo: Aww thank you - duckling thanks-31.gif

Love from Aiden

WALT show appreciation for those around us.
I know this when I write a thank you letter for my parents in my own words.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Come and explore Samoa! By Isaac


WALT  to celebrate and understand the Samoan culture.
I know I can do this when I write five facts about the Samoan culture.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Can You Speak Te Reo Maori? By Shannon

WALT ask and answer one another about how they feeling.
I know this when I write the question and answer in Maori and translate the words to English.

Monday, 25 August 2014

It's time for college! By Ella-Marie

WALT write a recount using appropriate language features. 

I know this when I write speeches and similes correctly in my writing.
On a hot sunny Saturday, my family and I went to the Pakuranga college to enrol my sister. Once we arrived there, there was no parking spot in sight. It was like there was a famous singer singing at the college. It took 3 minutes to find a parking. If I hadn't told my mum to park there, it could have taken more than 5 minutes just to find a parking.

When we walked into the school, two students offered to show us around. They said to us “Ask us questions if you want to know about what we do in the classes”. My mum answered. “ O.k”.

Our first class was the music room. In the music room they played all sorts of music. They sang and played instruments like drums, trumpets, guitars and a lot more. At the end of each year, they got to take their instruments home. Then we moved on to the next class. The next class was the Drama room. In the Drama room, students practise for shows or plays so they can act out in front of the school. This is the class that my sister wants to try out.

As we were walking to the next class, it started to rain so we started to run. In no time, we were safe because we were in the gym. The students demonstrated the options that were available in the gymnasium. She said “We play in here for our P.E. We play games like netball or basketball and we play soccer and other sports on our field”. Our next stop was the pool. I was so glad they had a pool. I love pools. They explained that each year they have swimming competitions. On the weekdays, they have time to practise but only for the people who wants to swim.

There were a lot more classes like technology classes and language classes. We were then led to the office and my mum handed in the form and my sister’s birth certificate. After everything was sorted, my mum bought a sausage sizzle and a little treat for all of us. We ate them until we were full. It tasted so yummy.

After eating, it was time to leave so we packed up our things. I had an awesome day and I wish I could go to that college so I could be like my awesome sister.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Lord, hear my Prayer! By Javiah

WALT write a prayer to the Holy Spirit.
Success criteria: I know this when I write 3 sentences in my own words to express how I feel.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Happy Daffodil day! By Shivay

Aug 6, 2014 10:00:59 AM.jpg 

WALT understand the importance of daffodils for the cancer society.
I know I can do this when I use yellow to colour in my daffodil for Daffodil day.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Do you know the easier way to work out your 6, 7 and 8 times tables? By Gabby

WALT - work out 6, 7 and 8 times table using my 5 times table.
I know this when I solving problem involving 6,7 and 8 times tables correctly.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Don't Worry, the Duffy Heroes will help you to READ! By Ace

Duffy came to visit St. Patrick's school

“We need to go to the hall for Duffy Theatre and I want you to be on your best behaviour,” said Miss Chao to our class on Monday afternoon. We walked fast to the hall and sat quietly on the floor waiting for the show to begin. When the show started the Duffy king grabbed a guitar and danced like a rock n roll star! When Rosie came on stage, Mr Bingo, the Duffy king stopped and lay down on the floor. We all laughed!

Bingo and Duffy king asked if we can sing the full song of Duffy kid.  We happily shouted “YES!!!!!”  They started singing the song and we all followed. After the singing, they started to get really funny. They were talking about books and reading books and how fun reading is. When Rosie and Duffy found out that Bingo does not read books they decided that they would help him learn how to read because they think that he couldn’t read at all and they felt so sorry for him…..

When they told Mr Bingo about their plan to help him, he said to them, “I know how to read but I simply don’t like reading. I like sports not reading! Reading is boring!” Duffy king thought of another Idea to make Mr. Bingo to like reading. “The Very Best Book, a made up book by Duffy King should encourage him”, Duffy muttered to himself. He made an empty book and told us to put our great ideas into the book. When all our Ideas  were in,  it was time to give it to Mr. Bingo!

Mr Bingo started reading the Very Best book but he still did not like reading it.  He was still not interested at all! He said to them that he prefers to ride on an aeroplane than doing reading. When he got to the plane, Duffy and Rosie decided to make the airplane to fly so slow so Bingo would feel bored then he had no other choice but to read the book. He started reading and before he knew it, he finished reading the whole book as the plane was landing on a rugby field.

They got to the stadium just as the rugby tournament was starting. He was one of the rugby players. While playing, he suddenly did ballet moves and he looked cool like a real ballerina. He scored a try and won the game! Rosie and Duffy knew that Bingo read the Ballet Book. Duffy made Rosie the queen of books because it was her book that made Mr. Bingo finally able to like to read books.

The Duffy Theatre was amazing! I wish that there will be many people like Mr. Duffy and Rosie who help kids to love reading because Reading is Fun! I also wish that there will be another Duffy Theatre happening in our school again soon!

 WALT a recount using language features.
              Success criteria: I know this when I write about Duffy theatre using appropriate adjectives and verbs correctly.


Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Dhon's Team won a Tournament! By Greshka

On Saturday afternoon, my family and I went to the Trust Stadium in Henderson to watch my brother Dhon play basketball. My brother was part of the Counties Manukau Basketball team. We couldn’t find the place on the GPS so my dad called my brother’s teammate’s dad. Before he could tell me the place, I found the location on the GPS and it took us 25 minutes to arrive at the arena.

When we walked inside, it looked like a big mall in a popular city. There were shops and a cafe at the entrance. As soon as my brother found his teammates and his coach, they went towards. The coach gave him his uniform and it was a black and red singlet that had a white number 13 on it. The number peeled off the uniform so the coach replaced it with another singlet that had the number 15 on it. Before we went upstairs to find a seat, two girls stamped my parents’ hands.

It was a long way up. After the 4th set of steps, we entered a door. It was a good view as we were on the second level. My dad got out the camcorder and the tripod. I complained because I didn’t want to do the recording for the game, so my dad did the recording so that he can analyse the game with brother afterwards. As soon as the game started, my dad started recording.

It was a long game because in each of the game, there were four rounds. While my dad was recording, I was playing ‘Don’t Touch the Spikes’ on my phone. My family and I were really hungry after my brother’s team won their game.

We went to the closest Burger King in Henderson. My mum told my brothers and I to find a seat in Burger King. My dad ordered five sundaes, five burgers and five drinks. When we finished eating, we filled the cups again and went back to the arena.

We had an hour to spare before my brother’s next game. I was drinking my coke from Burger King while playing games on my phone and listening to music. My brothers were playing on a spinning sculpture. When it was almost 5 o’clock, my brother got ready for the next game.

We went up the steps and entered the same door. I asked my dad if I could go up to the floor where you can see the best view and my dad said, “Yes”. So I went out the door, walked up the next set of steps and opened the door. I saw a small flight of stairs going down. When I went down the stairs, the view was as high as a bird’s view when it’s flying. I sat on a seat, played on my phone and listened to music. After a while, my dad came and started recording again. After the third quarter, my dad told me to do the recording. We went home after Dhon won his second game.

It was a good tournament because Dhon’s team won and played well together. It is too bad that my baby brother Hanz missed out on his classmate's birthday party as it was the same day. I wish I could join a tournament like that.

WALT write a recount using adjectives and adverbs to make my writing more interesting. I can do this when I using action words and describing words appropriately and correctly in my writing.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Monday, 18 August 2014

Marist vs Carlton Grammar, The Match Of 2014! By Aiden

WALT write a recount using adjectives and adverbs to make my writing more interesting.
I know this when I use action words and describing words appropriately and correctly in my writing.
write a recount using adjectives and adverbs to make my writing more interesting.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

God is Compassionate! By Shivay

 Jul 23, 2014 10:26:33 AM.jpg

 WALT identify virtues of God.
I know this when I write a sentence to describe God.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

My Game Against Grammar Green! By Cameron

On Saturday, my mum and dad took me to my rugby game. My team is called Marist Storm and we were versing Grammar Green at their home ground that morning. When we got to the field, we started with some warm ups. We had to wait a bit because they were late. My coach told us that if we didn’t win, we will have to run up the hill 100 times.

When the other team arrive, the game was started and my coach picked the player to go on the first half. We kicked off for the game and the Grammar Green caught the ball. We chased the ball and started to tackle the player with the ball. We had to do a blow over. When we got the ball, we started to pass the ball to Sione so he can try  to get a try for our team.

After that, the other team got the ball and started to run to the other side. However, he got tackled and he went out of the rugby field. The hooker is the one to throw the ball in and the halfback calls out a move to the rugby players so they can move into position. It was almost halftime and we got tackled out of the field. The score was 3 - 1.

We kicked off the second half as well. The other team dropped the ball and we had to do a scrum. The scrum is when you push the ball back to the halfback. When the ball went out, the other team had to do the lineout. When the ball was thrown in, the halfback of the other team got it so I ran to get the ball. They drop the ball and I caught it and pass it to Sione so he can get another try for our team. Then the score became 6 to 3 to us.

I was happy that we won the match because we all tried really hard and we worked really well as a team.

WALT write a recount using adjectives and adverbs to make my writing more interesting.
I know this when I use action words and describing words appropriately and correctly in my writing.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Signs of the Holy Spirit! By Julius

WALT understand symbols that represent God.
Success criteria: I know this when I write 3 sentences on how rocks represent God in our lives.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

My Important Prayer! By Chaim

WALT write a personal prayer.
I can do this when I can express my thoughts in my own words. 

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

God is like water and is in our hearts forever! By Elaine

WALT describe how God's creations represent God. I know this when I can write 3 sentences on how the water represents God.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

What do you know about bees? By Launoa

WALT understand the bees' honey making process.
I know I can do this when I write 5 steps on how bees make honey.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Beez Beez Beez! By Cheska

WALT understand about bees.
Success criteria : I know I can do this when I write 6 facts about bees.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

The best pancakes ever! By Siu


.baking powder
What to do;
1. Get the bowl and put in the eggs, flour, milk, sugar and baking powder together.
2. Mix them all together by using a big spoon until it is smooth.
3. Heat up the frying pan and put a little bit of oil.
4. Pour some mixture onto the pan and cook it for a minute.
5. Turn the pan cakes over and cook it for another minute.
6. Remove the pan cakes and put it on the plate.
7. Spread the butter and the jam onto the pan cake by using a knife.

Pancakes are easy to make and they are great for breakfast.
Success criteria: I know this when I write the instructions for making pancakes in order.
WALT: write a procedural writing using the correct structure.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

What About The Cat?! By Ingrid

WALT read closely to text. I know this when I list 6 things about a character from my reading "No More Cats".

Friday, 8 August 2014

I Can't Wait for the Next Weekend! By Greshka

Last Sunday, my family and I had a really fun day. Before the events happened, I woke up, changed my clothes and ate my breakfast as quickly as a cheetah. Then my dad drove us all the way to Saint Mark’s Church in Pakuranga.

I am part of a choir called ‘Tawag Awit’ that sings for church. My friends and I sang beautifully like birds chirping together. After a little while, my parents called us to gather and we went back home.

When we came home, I made a present for Tita Daisy. It was her birthday that day so I made a bracelet for her. It was a yellow bracelet made with loom bands and it had a blue and orange flower in the middle.

Then I helped my dad to unclog the messy and muddy pipe where our wastes go out. It was hard work. My dad scoops the faeces out of the pipe with a long stick and a plastic cup. It looked really yucky and smelt gross. After a few scoops, the cup fell into the brown liquid because it was heavy. My dad told me to get two more plastic cups but I didn’t know why.

Afterwards, I helped my dad fix the overflowing pipe that was connected to the taps in our house. My dad found some things inside the soap suds. Then he scooped the water into a bucket. I held onto the hose while my dad got the broom and pushed the liquid onto the grass.

Then we cleaned the van that my dad drives to fix coffee machines. It was big and long. I grabbed a hose and sprayed the van while my dad got a broom and swept the van with dish washing liquid. Then my dad grabbed the hose and rinsed the van all over. It looked squeaky clean!

After that, we cleaned the small car. It was grey and it could fit five people in it. First, we cleaned the inside of the car. I got a vacuum and I helped Dad to clean the floor. Then we cleaned the outside of the car. I grabbed a hose and sprayed water all over the car. Then Dad grabbed the dish washing liquid and squirted it over the car and scrubbed it with a broom. Then he got the hose and rinsed the car.

Then we washed the front entrance of the house. I placed all the shoes inside the house and removed the red, spiky mat. First, my dad sprayed water with a hose at the entrance floor. Then I gave my dad the dish washing liquid and he squirted it all over the entrance and scrubbed it with a broom. Then we scrubbed the floor with the broom.

Afterwards, my family and I went to Tita Daisy’s house for her birthday party. We were the first family to arrive at her house. I gave her the bracelet and kissed her on the cheek. She thanked me and I said “You’re welcome”. We bought three boxes of pizza in Domino's afterwards. The flavours were pepperoni, Hawaiian and cheese and they only cost $15! When all our friends came, Tito Bruce said a blessing and we ate food. I ate many slices of pizza, two pieces of KFC chicken and some rice. We went home at 9 o'clock that night and I changed into my pyjamas, brushed my teeth and went to bed.

I felt tired and exhausted after the busy day. However, it was worth it because we now have a clean environment and home.

WALT write a recount using adjectives and adverbs to make my writing more interesting. I can do this when I use action words and describing words appropriately and correctly in my writing.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

What I Want To Learn About Bees!

 These are my questions about Bees. We used padlet to put our questions in.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The Holy Spirit is always with us! By Javiah

WALT understand how the Holy Spirit helps us to live a Christian life.
Success criteria: I know this when I draw four pictures on how the Holy Spirit helps us.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

A crazy yet fun day with my cat Panda! By Gabby

WALT - write a recount using adjectives and adverbs to make my writing more interesting.
I know this when I use action words and describing words appropriately and correctly in my writing.
In the weekend, I stayed at home on a cold Sunday morning…...

When I woke up, I got up and stretched. I checked the bunk bed to see if my brother and sister were still sleeping. I went to my sister's bed and saw her quietly snoring. I shook her and said "Hey, hey Patsy! Wake up!" I stopped shaking her and tried to see how she reacted. A while later, she just groaned and moved. I knew just the trick to wake her up, so I got my cat Panda and put him beside her. He went inside the blanket to get warm and cozy.

Panda is a 2-month old kitten and his mother is an adult cat named Molly. Panda is small like a medium sized rock. He is black and white and loves to chew and fight the blue mat that says "WELCOME." He usually goes out when the weather is warm but stays inside our bedroom when it's cold. My cat Pooh is very fluffy, she sleeps on the bottom corners of the bed and she is the only cat who plays with Panda. Molly growls when Panda is near her, so that's why Panda loves the bedroom.

First, Panda went wriggling inside the blanket which made my sister to open her eyes and grabbed him. She snuggled next to him but Panda tried shaking off from her hands. He slid into a tight spot on the left end of the bed. My sister said " Go get Panda!"I quickly stood up,went on the ground and went under the bed. It was a very tight squeeze to move in, I felt like a sponge being squeezed by a hand. I slowly crept up to him and grabbed him as fast as a speeding car, but I missed and he got away. I crawled and crawled to where Panda was but he was no longer there.  I went out of the bedroom door and I chased after him.

I walked into the garage and saw that no one was there so I went outside to check for Panda again. Then, I saw him up the fence but I couldn't reach him. I said to him "I..... Give..... UP!" Because I was so tired, I decided to taste one of the green, small and hairy strawberries from our plants. I washed it with the tap water inside the house and ate it. It was sour, sweet, but mostly bitter. When I walked back into the garage, I looked at the cat flap on the window  to see if any cats were outside ready to come inside to eat their biscuits.

Then, the floor shone like the shining sun and I saw foot prints of my muddy socks. "Uh oh" I whispered. I was kind of lucky because my brother wasn't playing in the computer and he would tell me off. I quickly grabbed the mop as fast as a hungry lion chasing a gazelle. I dipped the mop into a bucket of clean water and I was clumsy and unsteady because I still had my muddy and wet socks on. I kept cleaning the floor and I was confused when it felt like the footprints were infinitely appearing. I finally figured out what was happening so I took my socks off. I went to the bathroom and put my socks into the laundry basket. I went back to the garage and continued what I was doing until it was squeaky clean. The floor was still wet but luckily, the sun was finally out and the floor dried quickly.

After working so hard cleaning the floor, I felt hungry so I grabbed 3 pieces of cookie bear chocolate chip cookies, toast with nutella and milk with ice. After I ate the toast and the cookies, I drank all of the milk in the cup until there was only ice left in the glass. Before I put the ice in the bin and put the cup in the sink, I looked inside the cup. There, I saw some white, wet powder on the ice. I scooped a little bit of of it and put only some of it on my tongue. I swallowed it, and it was really disgusting because it tasted like salt water and slug slime mixed together. I took another cup from the cupboard and I got some cold water from the fridge. I took 3 cups of water and drank it to make sure the taste was gone.

Finally, I went into the living room feeling sick and tired. The sliding door was open so I proceeded to close it. I slowly slid the door close because my arms were shaking. Panda zoomed into the open space and went on the couch. I rested my head on the pillow and went next to him. Panda started playing and chewing my hair and it tickled me but  I didn't mind. Eventually,Panda stopped and started to purr. I closed my eyes for a moment and before I knew it, I was fast asleep……..

Monday, 4 August 2014

Valentines with my family! By Immanuel

On Sunday, we went to my baby cousin’s baptism. He got baptised in the church. Father Roach baptised him by washing away his sins with the holy water. After he washed baby Luke on the head, we made the sign of the cross. After we had the baptism, we took photos of him. He was like a popular person because people kept on taking photos of him. My cousin and I went into the car while this was going on.

After that, we went home to get our jackets because it was raining outside. While we were inside, I went to get my cousin’s iPad. When I was on the iPad, I downloaded a game from the app store. The game that I downloaded was called ‘Dead trigger’. Then my Mum called my cousin and I because we were going to Valentines for lunch.

When we got to Valentines, I was happy because it was a long drive there. My parents paid for us and then we walked inside. There was a lot of food for us to eat when I walked in. There was sushi, chicken and many more yummy food. We went to go find a table. The kids found a long oval-shaped table. We said our prayers before we went to get our food.

I got sushi, prawn, fish, chicken and chips with tomato sauce. I took a bite of everything and it was yummy. When I finished the savory food, I went to get chocolate eclair, some ice cream, jelly and a piece of fruit for dessert. It was rich and sweet. After I ate my dessert, I went to go get a hot chocola It was puffy on the inside.

Then my parents had a little talk with Father. The kids went outside to go and see the goldfish. There were two goldfish in the pond and they were swimming around. They were orange and yellow. The first time I looked in the pond, I thought they were rocks.Then my Mum came out and said ''We are all going now''. I hope I come back to Valentines again.
WALT write a recount with adjectives and adverbs to make my writing more interesting. 
Success criteria: I know this when I use action words and describing words appropriately and correctly in my writing.