Friday, 28 February 2014

Firefighters by Greshka

Picture by Pixabay Firefighters Why do we need firefighters? Firefighters are people who wear red fire-proof uniforms. Their main job is to put out fires. Sometimes they save pets (or any other things or people) from high trees. Firefighters can be any person, girl or boy, who are brave and not scared of fire. They can be in the age of 20 and higher. They might help you when your house is on fire. The only way they can go there is to contact 111 on anyone’s phone that is not in the place where the fire is. You have to tell the people that there is an emergency and that you need the firefighters, to resolve the situation and at your location. You can only call them when there is a fire-related emergency. After you finished calling the firefighters, you have to wait outside the house patiently. They will arrive at your house on a big, red fire engine. If there’s a person inside crying for help, one of the firefighters will go inside the house and they will carefully save the worried and trapped person. The rest of the firefighters will come out with water hoses and spray enough water to put out the destructive fire. Firefighters are really useful because they save people’s lives. If we didn't have firefighters in the first place we would get killed by rising fire. Some of them also save people from any other dangers.