Thursday, 17 April 2014

Dance and praise the Lord with us!

Liturgical dance
WALT worship God using different ways to pray.
We know we can do this when we can sing and dance a Liturgical dance.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Historical site in Panmure by Celeste

The Panmure cottage was built back in the 19th century.
It was relocated because the cottage used to be where Mcdonalds. Mount Wellington Mcdonalds is now opposite of Saint Patricks School in Panmure.
The Panmure cottage has been here for generation after generation. We maintain the cottage because it has a lot of precious things in it. In the cottage, there is a room where they storage their tools and they also wash their laundry in there. There is also a fireplace with coal in it. The children had a chalkboard at the cottage that they use for their writing.

There are wonderful people that look after that cottage and their names are Josephine and Angela. In the cottage there were no toilets so they had to dig a hole. There is also a attic room but you don’t pull down the stairs because the stairs are part of the sructure of the house for you to walk up. In one of the bedrooms in the attic, there is a bed and a couple of rocking chairs inside it. The bedrooms were made for the people that used to live in the cottage. There was a volcanic rock bomb and a gold rock that was collected at that time. There is a shaving pan so when the men woke up they can use a knife to shave their beard and clean it offin the shaving pan. In the kitchen  there is old furniture like the old typewriter, old irons and an old dining table. They also had a bedpan that you can use at night time. They used to wear a kitchen gown when they wash their laundry. They also have rocking chairs for the women to knit something to use.

In the room where they storage all their tools there is a long saw to cut down trees. If you break something in that cottage you cannot replace that. All the furniture is not to be touched because they are things from the past.

The cottage was rebuilt carefully so that it is safe for people to live in. The good things about is that cottage is that there is also a rail for you to use when you walk up and down the stairs so that it is safe.

The Panmure cottage is very important because it is part of the history of Panmure and it symbolises the culture and the identity of this place.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Why is Lent important for Christians? By Lasike

Lent is a time when people give up something important to them or something that they really like, like no TV for 40 days and 40 nights. Lent is that time of the month when Jesus spend the days suffering by fasting in the desert. It is a time of a change of heart and it is a time when people turn back to God. Lent is the time when Jesus went through suffering and reflection to help him teach and heal others.  

Lent is in March. It finishes on palm Sunday.Then three days later we will celebrate Holy Thursday,Good Friday and Holy Saturday. On the first day of Lent we receive the ashes Ashes in the  shape of a cross on our forehead. We celebrated Ash Wednesday at church by having a special Mass.

Lent is important because Jesus showed us how to turn back to God. Jesus showed us how to change our lives and make our relationship with God even better.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Look after your ears before it's too late! By Kevin

Vibrations that travel through the air can be heard when they reach a person's or animal's ear.

The thing that lets us hear sound is our ear. Our ear is an organ in our head, it also lets us hear sound from far or near. When we hear vibrations the sound goes into our ears and goes through our ear drums and into our nerves, and travels to our brain. And that's how we hear sounds.

The eardrum is in the middle of the ear. Once we hear a sound the air waves travels through our eardrum, then goes into our brain. The sound we can hear can will be heard from music or others. Another name for vibrations is airwaves. When we hear really loud sounds we might become deaf and our eardrums will get damaged.

We have ears so we can hear trouble, or someone who needs help. Without ears we won’t be able to hear what anyone says to us and that's why ears are very important.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

We need to maintain Panmure cottage by Ella

WALT use the correct writing structure to explain the Panmure cottage.
I know I have learnt this when I can tell people about the history of Panmure in my own words.

Since the 19th Century until now, the Panmure cottage has been the only cottage in Panmure. In the 1900’s, the cottage used to be a house for people to live in. Nowadays it is a museum that tells us about the history of Panmure. In the olden days, they had no bathroom and that meant there was no toilet. Instead, they used a long drop (which is a very deep hole in the ground) when they needed to go to the toilet. Every afternoon, the people would go to the long drop. Every morning the people would pour the pee or poop outside.  People used to travel on big ships. In fact, it was so big that it could fit around 100 people. It took at least 105 days to travel to another country. A lot of people died on the ship. The Panmure cottage is important because it tells us the history of Panmure, and helps us to appreciate what we have now in present times.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Why are plants so important? By Ingrid

A plant is something that sprouts out of the ground, it starts as a seed and it turns into a tree or a flower. You can find a plant every where, in your garden, outside and in fields.  Do you know how important a plant is? It makes good fresh clean air for us to breath.       

A gardener waters and helps the plant grow from a bud into a beautiful flower or tree. They care for them and they look after them. Some gardeners sell them to the public.

The air we breath is bad to breath after we already used it because it becomes carbon dioxide. When it becomes carbon dioxide you can’t breath it again because if you do it will poison your lungs and more of your body parts. This will happen if you breath smoke and gas from factories.    
After we breath the air it turns bad. Plants like that kind of air. They breath in the old, bad, nasty air in. And they breath out it becomes fresh air. That is the air we are breathing right now. Then the process starts all over again and again.   

We need to treat our world with more respect so that the plants can grow and so that they can make air for us to breath.