Friday, 17 August 2012

CyberSmart Footprints

We have been learning about the difference between personal and private information online. We have been learning to decide what personal information is safe to share online.
  • Personal information is information that we want people to know about us, even people that we don't know. For example: name of a pet, school subjects, favourite T.V shows, favourite food or hobbies.
  • Private information is information that we won't share unless we've checked with our parents and teacher. For example: date of birth, credit cards, birth date, passwords or full name.
  • We know that if we are not sure, it's always private.
We have shared our personal profiles on our Room7 blogs. Please visit our blog and click on the label 'personal profile'.

Footprint on the Sand (manuel cazzaniga) / CC BY 2.0