Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Why is it celebrated in Spain for five days? By Launoa

We are learning to understand the season of Advent.

I know this when I find 10 interesting facts about Advent in my own words.

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  1. Hi,

    My name is Willy and I attend/attended Tamaki Primary.

    Good post from Launoa about the season of Advent, though I hope this advice goes to them...if the title is called, "Why is it celebrated in Spain for five days?", there should be at least some piece of information that can answer that question.

    Otherwise, it seems a BIT misleading saying, "Why is it celebrated in Spain for five days?" then have a presentation about advent, not talking about advent being celebrated in Spain for five days and why it is only five days. Sure, it says 'Advent is celebrated in Spain for five days', but it isn't elaborated.

    Just some advice for next time, but GOODNESS, I typed a lot. Sorry if this is a bit rough but overall, I liked the design of the presentation, it suits the subject, and great to see that the facts don't surround on the word advent, but the season in different countries.

    Great job (sorry for typing a lot, if you see my blog you can see that I type a lot of words)!