Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Have you watch the movie 'The 5th wave'? By Lupe

Learning Intention: We are learning to understand and use descriptive language in our recounts. 

Success Criteria: I know I can do this when I use action verbs to describe the slumber party that I had with my cousin Naanise.

On Saturday, the 27th of August, my cousin Naanise came to my house for a slumber party. She was staying until Sunday.

First we went shopping for food. We bought some popcorn, chips, bottled water, lollies and fizzy drinks.

When we got home, my older sister sorted out some movies ready for us to watch. My mum pulled the table to the side to make more room for us to sleep. I grabbed blankets and pillows and laid them out for us to sleep on.

I felt very relaxed, comfortable and excited. My mum put all the food on the table so that it won't fall on the bed.

We watched Hotel Transylvania 1 and 2. We also watched the 5th Wave and the Jungle book.

My favourite movie was 5th Wave because it showed that the oldest of the family loved every single person in her family. Unfortunately her mom and dad both died and her younger brother was taken by the army to keep them safe so she tried to survive in the woods all on her own while the terrorists tried to take over the Earth.

We ate and watched, ate and watched until we had finished all the food. We also drank a lot of water and some fizzy drinks. We had a  great midnight feast!

We were still wide awake so my sister and I grabbed our phones and decided to make Musical.lys on my sister's page. I made 3 with my cousin Naanise and my sister made 4. Then I turned off the light and continued to watch more movies. After a while we felt sleepy so  we brushed our teeth then got under our warm and fluffy blankets. My cousin and I slept at eleven thirty and my sister slept at ten thirty. However when my mum put more layers on us  (because we were cold), we all woke up. We said goodnight to my mum and she kissed us all and said, "sleep well."

Just after midnight, Naanise and I woke up to watch more videos while the others were already sleeping. Before sunrise, Naanise and I finally decided to get some sleep so we would have energy for the Sunday activities.

My favourite part was the cousins' bonding- the slumber party where we had movie marathon and having a midnight feast instead of running around the house like little children.