Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Balance out your life - Manaiakalani Film Festival


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  2. Hi room 7,
    This is a great movie rm7 and yes it is important to balance your life. Great acting!

  3. Kia Ora Room 7 my name is Henrietta Latu and I am a year 7 that goes to Saint Pius X Catholic School. Well Done, your movie that you guys have done is all about your body.
    I have watched your movie and one important thing that I have go out of it is that when you are playing games it is not good for your body or health because it would make you feel unwell.

    Keep up the good great work Room 6.

  4. Well done Room 7, I really enjoy watching your movie. One thing that I got out of your movie was if you stay all day and playing games. Your not gonna feel well, your body need some exercise.

  5. Hi Room 7,
    I love your guys acting, everyone was so perfect.

  6. Hi Room 7,
    I love your actions and I love the people on the phones!
    Keep up good work

  7. Hi Room 7,
    This is a great movie. I like your guys acting!

  8. Greetings Room 7 I am Eugene and I am in the class next to you and the acting was good but the plot was a little bit confusing but overall the movie was good

  9. Hi room 7, I am Ashleigh from Stonefields school I very enjoy watching your movie and your background music. I am just wondering how is your awesome idea came from?

  10. Malo e lelei Rm7,

    I am Margaret from Glen Innes school. I enjoyed watching you movie. I really like your acting it was amazing! Have you watched our movie about excellence sports?

    Keep up the good work St Patrick school!

  11. Hi Room 7,

    I enjoyed watching your movie. There was a lot of meaning and thought behind it. I agree it is all about balance between digital games and getting outside, exercising and socialising with others.

    Keep up the great movie making,

    Miss Paton

  12. What a great message to pass on Room 7, well done - very proud of you.

  13. Hi Room 7,
    I like the way you guys acted. It was a great message to stop playing online games and start getting envolved in the world.
    from: Fulila Rm.5L