Sunday, 26 February 2017

Wow! The lanterns were beautiful! By Lupe

Lantern Festival
On Saturday the 11th of February, my aunty, cousins, brother and I went to the Lantern Festival to celebrate Chinese new year.

First my aunty came to my house to pick up my brother and I to go to the Lantern Festival with them. My mum gave us $40 each. Then we all said goodbye and hopped into the car with excitement.

On our way there, my cousin called and asked if we could pick him up from the McDonalds in New Lynn. After we picked him up, we went to my aunty's house to get our phones charged up and something to eat.

Once everyone was ready, we left the house to meet up with my aunty's friend. It was a 10 minute drive from there. The Festival was located at the Auckland Domain.  

When we got there, we walked around looking at all the bright, beautiful lanterns. First we went to the cookie truck to meet up with my aunty's friend's daughter because she was there with her friend. Eventually we all split up, The children under 12 went with my aunty and the children over 12 went off on their own. My aunty and our group went straight to the food section because we were all very hungry. We ate dumplings, prawns, Chinese sausages, cotton candy, ice cream and churros.

Then we met everyone back at the cookie truck. My brother ran and jumped on me because he was full of energy. My cousin Jayden told us that Lasike and him were dancing around in a dance circle. Jayden showed me the video and it was so funny. When Lasike was dancing everyone screamed out to him and they were all touching him. Then my cousin Lona came back and we got to meet his girlfriend, she was really pretty. A couple of hours later, my aunty felt tired so we left the festival and walked to our car.

From our car, we watched the fireworks blast out into the air. We each bought two lanterns but we only took one home because we threw one in the air hoping it would float into the sky. My brother and Jayden were very hungry because of all the dancing that they did so we drove to McDonald's to get something to eat for dinner.

After waiting in a long queue, we finally ordered our food and drove back to my aunty's house so that we could eat on the dining table. When we finally finished our food, my aunty told us the rooms that we would be sleeping in. I slept in my cousin Levi's room with my other cousin Tiana. The boys slept downstairs in the mini cinema because they wanted to watch a karate movie.

My cousin and I watched videos on her Ipad. Eventually, we all dozed off to sleep. I had a really fun and comfortable night. I can't wait for the next Lantern Festival.

My favourite part of the day was when we saw all the lanterns because they were so bright and beautiful.

Learning Intention: We are learning to use language features in our writing.
Success Criteria: I know I can do this when I use appropriate sequencing words to organise my paragraphs.


  1. Hi Lupe and St Patrick's Room 7,
    My name is Matthew I'm in the Edgewater 1 class.This is my 3rd year here and I've got lots of friends.
    The Lantern Festival sounds nice to watch, I haven't been
    there before. I am planning to go next year.

    1. I hope you enjoy the Lantern Festival next year.