Thursday, 27 June 2019

Ki O Rahi Tournament 2019

Yesterday was special for our children for several reasons: First because it marked the end of Matariki, secondly because the inaugural Ki O Rahi Tournament took place. Here's what April had to say about the day:

"Ki O Rahi is a game that represents a legend of “Rahi and the Patupaiarehe”.

Rahi and the Patupairehe is a legend about a man (Rahi) whose wife was stolen by fairies that live in the forest ( The Patupaiarehe). Rahi had to find his wife.  So then Rahi packed food, water then went on his Journey. He crossed a desert, met a giant hawk who saved his life.

Saint Patricks went to a Ki O Rahi tournament. We played lots of games, we saw hundreds of schools. We won our first game. Then it got a lot harder. At the end we ate sausage rolls (hotdogs), drank drinks. Our coaches from Kelly sports were supporting us.

Thank you Kelly Sports and Coach Ronnie, Coach Shanice, and also Georgina Gatenby (from Sports Auckland)."

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