Thursday, 7 November 2013

Sleeping In by Tricia

It was a rainy and windy day and it was still in bed at 8 a.m when my sister tried to wake me up. She failed miserably just like my mum who also tried to wake me up several minutes ago. When I finally got out of bed, I went into the living room where  my mum, dad, and my little sister sat. My mum was very cross with me because I woke up so late. While I was having breakfast my mum said ”when you have finished eating go and get dress because we are going to dress mart”.

While we were driving there I took a little nap, my sister on the other hand was focused on passing level 13 so she had no idea what was going on around her. When we finally got there we found a great parking that was close to the entrance. We first went to Converse to look at some shoes  that my dad wanted to get but unfortunately they didn’t have his size. The next store we went to was called Forever New they had really great clothes but sadly they were too big for me.

After we went to a few more stores my sister was getting hungry so we went to a restaurant. I had a Chicken while my sister had a beef burger. After we finished eating we went back home and  I took a nap for 4 hours.

I had a really fun day, the only thing that I didn’t enjoy was not being able to buy some clothes that I liked because they were too big for me
but, otherwise I had a great day of shopping.

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