Monday, 24 November 2014

Make Sure You Do Not Touch It Or It Could Kill You! By Drey

Fire is a type of gas that is really hot and it is red. It can sometimes be yellow. Fire is used for cooking and providing warmth. Fire can be used for survival or can cause death. Some people are killed by fire from electrical faults, because they leave the electricity on for too long. Its not safe to touch fire because you may get burned or killed from the hot gas.

Some people use fire to torture others in a cruel way. There are also people that play with fire for fun but then the fire spreads around the place uncontrollably and it begins to burn everything in its way. Fire causes smoke and it is dangerous for people to inhale because it can cause damage to the lungs.

If you have trouble with fire and if you can’t stop it, then call 111 for New Zealand Firefighters. Firefighters are people who help people who have trouble with fire. They use water to stop the fire to avoid injuries or death. Firefighters use protective gear so they won’t get burnt by it, Whenever someone is trapped in fire and they have no other way to escape, they dash through to put out the fire and take the person to safety.

A volcano has fire and it’s called lava. When it erupts, the lava comes out and destroys everything in its way. Lava is like fire because it’s a really hot gas and when it goes all over your body your body burns. Fire is hot and dangerous.

Fire can be dangerous and useful. It is important to understand how fire works and use it carefully so that you don’t hurt yourself.

Learning intention: We are learning to write an explanation using the correct structure.
Success criteria: I know I can do this when I organize my ideas into paragraphs.

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