Tuesday, 18 November 2014

What is Saint Patrick's School, You Ask? By Greshka

Oct 30, 2014 12:06:50 PM.jpgSo what is Saint Patrick’s School you ask? Saint Patrick’s School is a Catholic school that is in Panmure, Auckland, New Zealand. It is a community facility. It is used for learning and making new friends. Students at Saint Patrick’s School learn a lot of subjects to become smarter thinkers. They learn subjects like R.E, inquiry, writing and maths.
    Most people at this school are students. Students are children who goes to a certain school to learn, create and share new things. There are more than 100 students at this school. Isn’t that cool? The teachers at Saint Patrick’s School are qualified and trained teachers. There is a teacher for every two year levels. Mrs Bullot is the principal at Saint Patrick’s School. A principal runs, guides and looks after the students in this school. She buy the stationeries and sports gear for the students and teachers.
There are a lot of facilities at this school. There is an office for photocopying documents and sending the attendance roll. There is also a library who is ran by Mrs Yumul which can be found near Room One and Two for students to read books to get more information. There is also a sick bay where a sick student may go to in order to have a rest while waiting for their parents to come to pick them up. The lunchroom is where pupils at Saint Patrick’s School order their lunches.
Most students come early to school. School starts from 8.45am in the morning to 2.40pm in the afternoon. There are two break times, morning tea and lunchtime. At morning tea and lunch, they encourage healthy eating so students can concentrate. When they finished eating their food, they wait for the bell to ring. They play on the school’s playground and courts. When the bell rings, that’s the time for the students to get back to their classrooms to continue their education.
Student at Saint Patrick’s School are lucky because they have many programs and events. They get exercise and learn new skills from Kiwisports (thanks to the principal). Kiwisports teach the children different types of sports such as softball, soccer, AFL, gymnastics, basketball and many more. Saint Patrick’s School is a Duffy school. Students get free Duffy Books to read. There are also Duffy Assemblies or theatres to engage the students.
Saint Patrick’s School celebrates Saint Patrick’s Day and Daffodil Day. Daffodil Day is a time where students bring a gold coin and wear something yellow to school. They donate money to people who have cancer. They also celebrate the uniting of the cultures through a Cultural Festival. Students perform dances from different countries.
Saint Patrick’s School is part of the Tamaki Cluster. The Tamaki Cluster is a group of school that use chromebooks or netbooks for their work. This school has summer and winter uniforms for girls and boys to wear for school which can be found at the Warehouse in Sylvia Park.
Do you want to go to this school? If you are Catholic, between years 1 to 8, looking for a nice, friendly school, why not try Saint Patrick’s School?

WALT explain by adding details to my writing. I can do this when I use 'which' and 'where' to describe parts of the school and people.

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