Thursday, 20 November 2014

Why do we have school? By Gabby

WALT - write an explanation with details.

I know this when I use 'because' to explain parts of a school.

A school is an organization for educating children.

There are many students who go and study in school. The principal runs the school and facilitates meetings with the teachers and staff. Teachers are adults who help the students to learn to read, write and think. A staff member is a person who helps the school with things. One staff is in charge of the attendance of the students and the other makes the lunch orders from the lunch orders box. When a school day ends, a cleaner comes in the classrooms and picks up the rubbish that are ignored or hidden by children.

There are many other programmes like 'Trash to fashion' and ‘Touch rugby’. In the trash to fashion activity, students have to use recyclable materials to turn into a fashionable outfit. Students have to plan the outfits by putting in a good sketch of how our designs are going to look like. In the end when the children have finished creating the dress, one of the members has to take a photo of the final look of the dress. The teacher who helps the students make the outfit has to send the picture to the trash to fashion judges and they will pick if the group could participate in the cat walk (Walking on the stage to show the outfit).

The purpose of attending school is to learn and to be educated so that the knowledge they gained, will help them get a good job and a better life in the future. There is also R.E where students learn about how to live as pilgrim people and the history of Jesus with his disciples. In writing, there are different genres like procedure, recount and explanation writings. Explanation is a writing where kids have to explain how something works, how to use it or what it is. Procedures is a writing where we have to include ingredients and how to make it. In each sentence, people have to start with an action word (verb). Students also have to make friends in school so that when kids don’t have anyone to play with, they don’t have to feel lonely.

There are facilities that teachers and students use. Classrooms are where students learn and each teacher has a room of her own and with her own children to teach. The sports shed is where people get the balls and equipment to borrow and use them at Morning Tea or Lunch. The library is where people can issue or borrow books to get information from something or do researching for their topics.
It is fun at school because there are lots of events that happens, like Cultural Festival or Te Mani Ahi (A performance by APOPS). Before Cultural Festival, students have to practice the dance moves every week on Thursdays for 8 weeks. Another event is 'St.Patrick's day'. This is when the school celebrates by attending Mass at Church first and then the students are split into teams to play activities and games run by the teachers in their classrooms. At the end of the day, everyone gets a Popsicle and they get to choose a flavour: lemon and wild berry. Mission day is a time where people have to think of fun activities or sell things to raise money for the Holy Angels Orphanage. On Daffodil Day, people have to wear yellow and donate a gold coin and it goes to the people who has cancer.

St. Patrick’s School  is a great place to play and learn new things. It is a fair and good place where you can make lots of new friends.

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