Thursday, 22 October 2015

Happy birthday to me! By Rhonda

On Thursday 1st of october it was my brithday. I was very happy and excited. My birthday celebration was held at my house.

We had a chocolate cake and it looked very tasty and delicios. My dad put ten candles on the cake and lit it with a lighter. Then everyone sang me a happy birthday song to me. I made a wish before blowing out the candle. 

After that my dad cut the cake into twelve pieces and gave a piece to each one of us. We saved a piece of the cake for my mum because she was at work. I really enjoyed the cake.

Then we watched a movie. We watched straight outta compton. I didn't really like the movie because it had alot of bad words in it. 

Later on I felt tired. I had so much fun celebrating my birthday with my family.
Next time I hope we celebrate my birthday somewhere else and that my mum will be able to join us.

Learning intention: We are learning to understand and follow the structure of a recount.
Success criteria: I know I can do this when I write the introduction, followed by the events and then the conclusion.

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