Monday, 29 May 2017

Have you seen the movie 'Our Lady of Fatima?' By Leolupe

Image result for our lady of fatimaWow! I never knew that the movie 'Our lady of Fatima' could be so interesting! On Sunday the 7th of May, my cousins Eti, Anastacia, Joyla, my uncle and I went to the St. Patrick's parish to watch a movie with the parish community.

Before we left, my aunt asked me to hang out the washing. I grabbed the basket with the wet clothes and a bag with the clothes pegs in. Then I went out and walked out to the backyard. When I was hanging out the washing, something came and rubbed its head against my leg, so I bent down and pushed it away.

After hanging out the clothes, we all grabbed our jackets and ran out the door with socks and shoes in our hands. We listened to the music on our way to the parish. When we arrived at the parish, we walked to Room 9 because that was where the movie was taking place. We waited for our friends Peter, Kylie, Asia, Emanuel, Frances, Peter, Shanice and Star to come so we could all go in together.

When we walked in, Father Andrew gave each of us a plastic plate so that we can walk to the food table to choose some food to eat. I got a hot dog on a stick, Macaroni and cheese and chips. After a while, Eti, my cousin Petra, my friend Hope and I walked to the front and we went to the left side and sat on the floor. We watched Our Lady of Fatima. The movie was very interesting because it was very different from the movies that I have seen before before.

Afterwards, I walked outside with Emma and her son Michael. After a little while, Father called us inside so we could all gather together to pray together. After the prayer, Father gave each family a plate of food to take home. We got a big plate of hot dogs, cocktail sausages, Biscuits and a cup of juice for each of us. We said our goodbyes to our lovely friends and drove back home. Eti and I ate a little bit of food and then we went straight to sleep because we were feeling really tired.

My favourite part of the day was when we watched 'Our Lady of Fatima' because it was very funny and interesting.

Learning Intention: We are learning to develop our vocabulary bank.
Success Criteria: I know I can do this when I use a thesaurus to find interesting and descriptive words to describe watching movies with the parish community.

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