Saturday, 14 October 2017

Ko Pauline taku ingoa! By Pauline

Ko wai to ingoa? 
What is your name?

You could reply:
Ko Pauline taku ingoa.
My name is Pauline

Ko Pauline Palu taku ingoa.
My name is Pauline Palu.

Ko Pauline.

Ko wai to ingoa whanau?
What is your family name?

Ko Palu taku ingoa whanau.
Palu is my family name.

Patai atu ki ia tangata o Te Whanake, "Ko wai to ingoa?"
Ask each character of Te Whanake - "What is your name?"

Learning Intention: We are learning to respond to others in Te Reo Maori.
Success Criteria: I know I can do this when I ask and find out someone's name in Te Reo Maori using Screencastify.

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