Thursday, 14 February 2019

How Does Maths Occur In Our Everyday Lives?

This past week our class have been identifying the many ways that Maths and Maths language feature in our lives. Take a look at these examples from our Maths Wall.


  1. Kia ora Saint Patrick's School it is Sasha here from Karoro school, in Greymouth. I really like your posters on How Maths Occur in your every day life. You can use maths in lots of things including baking and money.
    From Sasha.

  2. Kia Ora St Patrick's School, its Jennae here from Karoro School.I really like this photo you have taken of each person with their explanation on ways you can use maths in your everyday lives. There are many ways you can use maths in your life like maybe at the bank dealing money or even counting it, building and even being a cook or baker.

    From Jennae

  3. Kia Ora Saint Patricks school. It's Rebekah from Karoro School. I have been looking at your 'how does maths occur in our everyday lives'. Lately at school we have been learning about decimals, fractions, percentages and how to convert them. We had to do a DLO and wrote how we use decimals, fractions and percentages in real life.
    From Rebekah.

  4. Kia Ora Room 7. I really liked reading about how maths occurs in your life. I especially enjoyed reading about your heights and the questions following them.You can use maths in lots of things like cooking. From Dakota

  5. Kia Ora Saint Patrick’s. It’s Grace from Karoro School in Greymouth here. I really like how you are thinking about maths not only in the subtracting and adding way but also in your everyday life. I definitely agree that there are a lot of ways you use maths in your everyday life.
    From Grace

  6. Hi it's Brighid from Karoro school in Greymouth. I really liked your poster it is so cool to see all the ways that maths can occur in your everyday life.
    from Brighid

  7. Kia ora Room 7
    This is Nathan J from Karoro School in Greymouth. I am a year 8 in room 8 and I really like your maths work. I have enjoyed looking at your maths wall and I agree that maths is important in our everyday lives. An example for that is maybe if you are a banker or you use money you need to use maths to count it and deal it.

    I have made a DLO about maths which is on my blog which also has how maths is important in real life and it also has other stuff. Here is the link to that:

    Next time maybe you could add a piece of work as an example on a link so we can read some things about how we use money in our everyday lives. Maybe next time I think you could add a bit more information. Furthermore it would be better if you could make the things in the picture more readable but I like how colourful it is.

    Overall I really enjoyed this post.
    Ka pai from Nathan.🙂

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