Friday, 1 February 2019

Reading: Week 1 2019

This week we read the first chapter of The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. In this chapter we learned a lot about what the Iron Man was like because the author describes him very well. He said the Iron Man was as tall as a house, his head was shaped like a dustbin and was as big as a bedroom so we know he is very big. We enjoyed the way the chapter introduced the character and want to read more because there are so many questions we need answered now. Things like where he came from, what he is doing here, who made him and more Overall we really like this book.


  1. My name is Cullam and I am from Karoro School in Greymouth I really liked how all of your spelling was correct. Next time you could write more information about the author.

  2. HI Room 7 at St Patrick's School, it is Phoebe from Karoro School in Greymouth. I haven’t read The Iron Man but from what you said the book sounds really good. I found it funny how his head was the shaped as a dustbin. Hope you will update about the next chapters. BYE.

  3. Thank you for commenting on this thank you so much