Monday, 29 September 2014

Do you know the story of Sua? By Philomena

WALT retell the story of Sua in my own words using dialogue.

I know I can do this when I use speech marks to end and start a speech.

The retelling of Sua's story ....

A long, long, long, long, time ago on the island of Samoa, there was a small man called Sua.

He was brave, strong and always protected his sister. One day, Sua heard his sister cry and it made him furious. So he asked his sister ''Why are you crying?” and his sister said, ''The man had hurt me''. Sua was angry when he had heard this, so he went to search for the man. He looked everywhere in Samoa.

Then one day after the sun has set, Sua saw the man. So he jumped on his horse  with his stick and struck the man. When he had calmed down, he saw that he had broken the man’s legs. Sua felt sad and went back to tell his sister what he had done. After telling her about what had happened, she told Sua to go to another country otherwise he will go to prison.

The next day, he said “Goodbye” to his family and packed his bags. Sua felt really sad. Then he went on the plane to NZ and found that it was really cold in Aotearoa and he only had a T-shirt on. When he checked his bag, he only had one singlet, a bible and two ten cent coins. He was freezing in the cold. Even though he didn't have that much, he worked as hard as a train. Every day he woke up, read his bible “Christ is my light’’, had his breakfast and went to work. He did that every day for 2 years. After 2 years, he married a Samoan lady and had 6 children. He lived happily ever after with his big family………..

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