Tuesday, 9 September 2014

My really happy weekend! By Julius

It was a Saturday morning and I felt really happy. I got out of bed and played Minecraft. I felt a roller coaster of emotions. After my game, I did my chores.I had to clean out the rubbish bins, make the beds and put away the dishes.

When I was done, I went back to playing Minecraft. Then my uncles came back from work. They are building a two story house, but Michael had a rugby game so my mum got ready was getting ready. However I kept playing my game because I didn't want to go. My Nana was still doing the chores and I was bored because my cousins weren't coming over.

The following day, I went to church with my Nana and grandpa. When church ended we went home.
When I got home, I played with my iPod.My mum and dad brought a sponge cake so I had some. At nightime, I went with my dad to my other Nana's house we went the my aunty's house.

WALT write a recount using appropriate language features. 
Success criteria: I know this when I write a recount using metaphors correctly.    

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