Sunday, 29 May 2016

The water was so cold in the pool! By Justice

In the last school holidays,  my family and I went on the most amazing trip to Hamilton. We had never been to Hamilton before. We went down for my favourite cousin’s birthday. We went for more than three weeks because we had not had a family trip together for a long time. I was so excited that I packed my clothes very quickly so that we could quickly leave to get there before my sister and her husband.

When we arrived at the motel, we all placed our heavy bags in the rooms and my sisters and I asked my dad and mum if we could have a swim in the swimming pool. They answered “Yes.” So we went and swam until my sister and her husband arrived. After they arrived, we got changed and had a shower because it was getting late so it was time for us to go to bed. We had our own rooms. One room for my parents, one room for my sister and her husband, one room for the rest of my sisters and the other room was for me, my cousin and Anna.

The next morning we went to the kitchen and made ourselves some breakfast. For breakfast, we had nutrigrain cereal and wholemeal bread. While we were having breakfast, my older sister was chatted to us about what our plans were for the day. Then my brother-in-law suggested that  we should go to the Indoor Trampoline Park. So we went and got ready quickly and hopped into the car. My dad drove us quickly to the Trampoline Park.

When we got there, the lady at the counter said to us, ‘’Those people who are playing, needs to wear socks.” It was only my sister Anna, my two cousins and I that needed to wear socks because we were under fourteen. We jumped up and down trying to catch a ball. It was really hard for me because the others were able to jump really high and move quickly. I tried and tried and I got the ball after twenty jumps. We played and played until the clock hit six pm.

We were all so tired after all the jumping. We decided to buy some some sandwiches for dinner. My dad drove the car straight back to the motel and I fell asleep on the way.

When we got to the Motel, we had a quick shower and went to bed because we were all so tired. I fell asleep very quickly after my shower. That was the best day ever because I had so much fun!

Learning intention: We are learning to write a recount.
Success criteria: I know I can do this when I follow the correct structure of a recount: orientation, events and a conclusion about my trip to Hamilton.

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