Saturday, 1 July 2017

The geysers in Tonga shoots up so high! By Fulila

On the 11th of May I left New Zealand to go to Tonga. When we arrived to the airport, it took a long time to check in because there were so many people in the queue.

After we went on the aeroplane, we had to find our seats. My dad, my cousin Dora, my aunty and my nana sat together. My cousin David and I sat together but then my nana came and sat with us and then my dad came and sat with us as well.

When we arrived in Tonga, I had to stamp my ticket, get my luggage and lolly bag. My uncles came to pick us up from the airport. My nana didn’t travel with us, she went with my other uncle so she could go to her brother’s house while my dad and I went to my dad’s nana’s house.It was really fun meeting my dad’s aunties and uncles because it was my first time meeting them.

The next day was Friday and I went with my aunty Eleni and my cousins Lily, Lita, Vi-vi, my aunty Eleni’s baby Moana and also my aunty Fitu to the market where my aunt bought us each a coconut and I drank some of the coconut water but then I gave it to my aunty Fitu to finish it all so I can  eat the meat. In Tonga some people crack coconuts open by throwing it on the floor.

Then we went to visit my dad’s aunty Ana and she had a lot of boys. When we got there Lily was crying because she thought her older sisters stole her socks but she had it the whole time. When we got home my dad took me for a little walk and we saw a school and a mango tree. The mangoes were nice and ripe.

The following week we went for a little tour all over Tonga. Our first stop was to the geysers. In Tonga we call geysers blow holes because their are little holes that blows out water that are on the edge of the ocean. We are not allowed to to swim in there because if you jump in you will drown and die because it’s really deep. Then we searched for a beach and I fell asleep while they were searching for one. When they found a beach, when I woke up my family have already had a swim  and they were changed back into dry clothes.

Then we went to a village in Tonga called Ha’atafu. It was a very small village. We went there because it was the last village that we hadn’t had a chance to visit yet. After that we went to another beach in Ha’atafu. It had a beautiful view of the ocean.

I liked all of the places in Tonga that I visited because I saw many things that I haven’t seen before.
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Learning intention: We are learning to follow the structure of a recount.
Success Criteria: I know I can do this when I write the introduction, followed by the events and conclusion about my trip to Tonga.

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