Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Manaiakalani Film for 2017: The Garden Project! By Room 7

On Wednesday 9th of August, Room 7 had the opportunity to take a trip to Bunnings warehouse to make labels for our school garden!
Watch our movie to see how much fun we had!  


  1. Malo'elelei room 7, I really really think your film was interesting and I think every one will enjoy your guys film. It made my mouth smile even bigger. Kain Room 10 Ruapotaka.

  2. Hi Room 7
    I have learnt lots of things about your garden project and I saw lots of fun happening when you were doing your garden project.
    Keep Up The Good Work!!!

  3. Hi room 7

    I liked how you guys added lots of information about your garden project and how you showed us what you have created.
    Keep it up room 7.


  4. Hi it is Helen and Owyn here from Tamaki Primary School.
    Today we would like to give you feedback and feedforward. What I enjoyed about your camera movements was that you recorded the student's in your class and then recorded around the workshop.
    Owyn: I liked how you named the wood to put in place for your school vegetables.
    We both enjoyed your movie film and it was inspiring to see you all communicating with your peers.

    Helen & Owyn. :)

  5. Talofa room 7 Saint Patrick's school, I enjoy how you all get to be there having fun and I enjoy how I see people I know, Keep up the good work for all you know you can get far sometime in the future !

  6. Hi room 7
    I liked your class film this one was very interesting i liked the part when they painted and the guy from bunnies he was a very good guy. good work keep it up.

  7. Kia ora Room 7 - well done for passing on the message about being sustainable - it's great to see you learning how to grow your own vegetables and wonderful to see a local business helping out! Keep it up!

  8. My name is Lorenzo I am from Brazil and my school name is Panmure bridge school. I like your movie because you can make your on Vegatables.on the time that you want.

  9. Hey Room 7,
    It's Lusia from St Pius X! WoW! Amazing movie Room 7! My class have been focusing on Gardening and our Environmental problems this year! In my own time, I love to do gardening with my family, especially with my Grandparents! Anyways, Your movie is well detailed! Keep it up!

  10. Nice I like how you guys made some garden project

  11. Malo Lelei St Patrick:
    My name is Henrietta and I go to St Pius X Catholic School! Good Job! I really enjoy watching your guys intersting movie, I can tell you guys had a lot of fun working on your garden project!
    Great work!!