Friday, 8 December 2017

It keeps happening! By Oliver

Evaporation happens when the sun heats up seawater, making it so hot that it turns into steam. As it rises up into the air, the steam from the hot water becomes cold and turns into gas. After a while, the clouds become so filled with water (from the sea), causing it to rain. Finally there is a collection  of water that falls to the ground. This collection  becomes soil water or ocean water.
Learning Intention: We are learning about natural resources.
Success Criteria: I know I can do this when I record all the stages of a water cycle using screencastify.

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  1. Kia ora room 7 my name is Ebony I attend Kawakawa primary and I am 10 years old.Firstly my favourite part about your water cycle is that you added a few sentences of what each stage of the water cycle was. Next time please speak in a more clearer voice.

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