Friday, 8 July 2016

Hey! Come on! It's time to clean some cars! By Vaughan


  • Wall brush
  • Vacuum
  • Image result for washing car cartoon dirtyWaterless car wash spray
  • Car wash wax
  • Combi glass cleaner with a handle
  • Towel
  • Sponge x2
  • Liquid Soap
  • Bucket
  • Water
  • 15 metres water hose
  • cloth
Step 1: Fill the bucket with water then pour in some liquid soap.
Step 2: Dip the sponge in the bucket then clean the outside of the car.
Step 3: Brush the car rims with the wall brush to remove the dirt.
Step 4: Spray some combi glass cleaner onto the glass windows and wind shield  then wipe them with clean cloth.
Step 5: Turn on the 15 metre long hose and spray down the soap off the car.
Step 6: Get the materials needed for cleaning the inside of the car.
Step 7:. Vacuum the floor and the seats of the car.
Step 8: Spray the side windows with waterless car cleaner then wipe them dry with a clean towel.
Step 9: Take out the car mats to vacuum and do the same with the car floor.
Step 10: Place the car mats back to where they belong inside the car.
Step 11:. Use the waterless spray and towel to clean the dashboard and to make it shiny.
Step 12:: Finally spray the car wax inside the car to make it smell good and fresh.
Now, your car looks shiny and smells fresh!

Learning intention: We are learning to follow a structure of a procedure.
Success criteria: I know I can do this when I write a procedure for how to washing a car.

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