Tuesday, 12 July 2016

There is so many items in this store! By Tristan

On a very cold Saturday night, my family and I went to K-Mart Botany to do some shopping. We changed to our winter clothes and hopped in our gigantic red car. On the way there, I closed my eyes and thought about all the things that happened in my life like when I was baptised and became a Christian. Then I talked with my mother about when I was a baby and all the good times I shared with my family while growing up.

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When we reached our destination, I hopped out of the car and I saw people coming in and out of the store. When we were inside, I looked around and my parents told me we should start exploring from the right side first then the left side. So we first headed to the baking and cooking department.  My mother looked at a black baking pan for cooking. We talked about the price, if it's good value for our money or if it would fit in our oven or if it would last. Then after five minutes of discussion, my mother decided to buy it.

Image result for toysThen we proceeded to the toys section.  I saw different kinds of games like indoor games and outdoor games. We didn't buy anything there so we went to the clothing area. My uncle found a jacket that he really wanted to buy. He even tried to fit it in and the jacket did fit him, perfectly. So we went to the check-out to purchase our items.

When we reached the cashiers we waited in the line and when it was our turn I helped my uncle and my mother to put the items in the bags.  As soon as my mother finished scanning the bar codes of the things we were buying, she paid them using her credit card and when the receipt came out, we headed back to our car. We all ran towards our car because we all felt extremely cold outside especially because  we just came out from a warm place.

Saturday night was a great night because we got to purchase two items. My favourite part of Saturday night was when I helped my parents scanned the  bar codes of the things we were buying from K-Mart.  Next time we go shopping, I want to ask my parents if we could go to another store besides K-Mart.

Learning Intention: We are learning to understand and use descriptive language in our writing.
Success Criteria: I know I can do this when I add 14 appropriate adjectives to describe my weeking shopping at K-Mart.

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