Saturday, 9 July 2016

I love going to my uncle's house on the weekend! By Justice

On Sunday afternoon, my uncles, aunties, cousins, sisters, mum, dad and I all gathered at my uncle's house
to have dinner together. My family and I always gather at my uncle's house every Sunday after church.

When my mum, dad, sister and I arrived, it was only the household people that were inside the house. As soon as I walked inside, I went to the lounge and sat on the couch with my uncle. We watched T.V together. After I sat down my dad, mum and sister went past us. My dad came to the lounge while my mum mum and sister walked to the kitchen to look for my aunty. We watched a fighting programme called WWE.

After a while, my aunty (my mum's sister) arrived with her kids and her husband. when they walked past the lounge, I walked to the kitchen because it was getting stuffy as the lounge is small. They came with some food for all of us for dinner. As more and more people came, the noise got louder and louder. My uncle, his wife and the children were the last to arrive. They brought dinner as well.

Soon it was time for us to prepare dinner. Each one of us who were in the kitchen had a part to play so that the food can be prepared quickly. After the men's food was ready, the ladies and the children helped themselves to some food. As soon as everyone got their food, my uncle said food grace for us and then everyone ate the delicious food.

When everyone finished eating, my aunty did the dishes while the children collected the plates from the lounge. There was a lot of dishes for my aunty to wash as the table was filled with dishes. While my aunty was doing the dishes, all the children sat on the ground in the hallway where it was very hard and uncomfortable.

Next, my cousin was called to go and sit in the lounge and say his speech that he prepared for his 21st birthday. It was so sad that his speech made most of us cry. We were all so impressed of him. His dad whispered to him and told him to make it short. Then everyone started giving him suggestions of what might happen to him on his birthday.

Before long, it was time for us to leave to go home and get some rest. Just before everyone went outside to put on their shoes, we went and gave a three-second kiss to my uncle. I had so much fun at my family gathering at my uncle's house.

Learning intention: We are learning to understand and use the language features of a recount.
Success criteria: I know I can do this when I use past tense to describe my family gathering at my uncle's house.

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