Thursday, 23 June 2016

I had so much fun playing with my cousins! By Akesa

On Saturday my cousins and I went outside to play. Taniela said to us, "Should we play touch?". My cousins and I told him," no!" because we might get hurt from the pole. Launoa said, "We play netball because Soane needs to practice his chest passing.My cousin Taniela divided us into our team of two. I was in Tanielas team with Johnny, Folau was with Soane and Launoa. The game started. We were running from side to side so that we could catch the ball.

After that we stopped and Taniela said, "Let's practiced our chest passing". So we practiced again and again untill we knew how to chest pass. Then we started to play netball when we were playing Soane marked me so I couldn't go to the front or to the sides, I was stuck so Folau had the ball and he trying to get the ball into the red fruit container but he couldn't because when he threw it inside, Taniela caught it. Then I became free so I ran to the other side to get the ball off Taniela. He chest pass it to me so I caught it and threw it into the small house.

We felt tired so we took a break. Later on, I asked Taniela if we could please play soccer so he said to me, "Yes, "We were in one team. I kicked the ball so my team and I walked to the front and did our trick so Soane kick the ball and Launoa tried to kick the ball back to us but she couldn't because Taniela was too strong. Folaus team had 10 point but my team started to catch up with them. In the end, mt team got 36 points and Folaus team lost.

Later I went and sat down because I was tired. I told Taniela that I was going to take a brake so I just watched them playing. It was getting dark so we decided to go inside the house.

Finally I went to have a shower then had dinner. After dinner I was played with my mum's tablet. I was playing farm hero and I had to collect all the eggs the fruit and the vegetables. I tried to collect all of it but I couldn't because my mum only saved me 1 life to play so I died on the game. Then I played candy crush and I won. I was happy because if I lose then the life is finished so I went to my room to sleep.

My favorite part of the story was when I played sports with my cousins. I enjoyed my weekend. I had fun playing with my cousins. I wish I could play with my family and friends again soon.

Learning intention: We are learning to write a recount.
Success criteria: I know I can do this when I follow the correct structure of a recount: orientation, events, conclusion to write about my weekend playing with my cousins.

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